What You Need to Ask Before Booking a Function Room

Function rooms are spaces specifically designed for gatherings, parties, and events. Your choice of function room can depend on the guest capacity among other factors including how does the room “feel” to you. Here are some questions that you should be thinking about when choosing the right venue for your next special occasion.

What are the Venue’s food options?

Function rooms and party venues offer a wide variety of food so it’s best to check out all options. It is also a great idea to ask the venue owner or functions person if they have any personal recommendations. Some venues will push you to pay per head for the food however they will also generally offer a selection of finger food per platter so its always best to check out all food options.

How’s the Function Room’s parking situation?

Parking isn’t exactly an exciting party topic but if you’re going to have a large number of guests, then you want to be sure that they will have a place to safely and easily park their cars. Always check if the party venue has a reasonable amount of on street parking close by or is at least situated near accessible car parks. You don’t necessarily need a place with fancy valet service, but you also don’t want guests worrying about their cars all night when they’re supposed to be having a good time.

How easy is the Venue to get to and get home from?

Choosing as central a location as possible, that is easy to get to, can make the difference for a great turn-out. If your guests have to travel a long way or connect with too much public transport, the idea of the effort may become overwhelming for some. A position in the city that is close to several public transport options offers added piece of mind for your guests travel arrangements to and from the function venue. City dwellers tend to refrain from driving and if there’s going to be alcohol at the party, then public transportation will ensure that they get home safely.

The other transport plus to be had from booking a function room in or near the city is that more taxi and ride sharing services are available to get your guests to the party and home again. It might even be possible to call in advance and have taxis out the front waiting when your party finishes – you never know unless you ask.

Does the venue include the accessories or equipment that you need?

Depending on what kind of event you’re planning, you might need some specific pieces of equipment. For instance, if you want to show a slideshow of a presentation or photos, then it’s worth checking to see if the venue has a projector and /or TV screen you can use.

Does the venue supply sound equipment such as speakers, microphones, and a staging area? Some function rooms are more set up for party-style events rather than formal gatherings so they will probably have music and sound equipment. Audio and visuals are easily forgotten, so best to keep it in mind when researching venues.

Is the Venue Child-Friendly?

If you are hosting a family friendly event, then having some space for youngsters to run around is a good idea. It definitely helps to have a child-friendly party room or even a special section of the venue that can be used as a kiddie corner of sorts. Knowing that the kids will not be bored and not having to hire a babysitter should entice more of the parents to attend.

Hopefully, these questions will help you narrow down your venue options for your next event.