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Partyhelp’s main aim is to help you find the perfect venue for your wedding party. We started in 2005 and with our experienced team of function managers we have helped over 50,000 people find their perfect venue. We understand that every function is different and that is why we prepare a list of our fantastic venues that suit your requirements – just for you! All you need to do is leave your party details with us and we do the rest!

Tailored venues to suit your wedding

Partyhelp have over 200 party venues in Melbourne. All you have to do is leave your party details on our website – and we will email you a tailored list of the party venues that best match your party requirements within a few hours! It’s that simple and its a free service!

There are thousands of Melbourne venues – we have already checked out hundreds of these venues so we have taken all the guess work and leg work out of finding the best party venues Melbourne has to offer!

Over 200 venues

Take the guess work and leg work out of finding a great venue.

We have reviewed thousands of venues to develop our personally selected list of the best 200 party venues Melbourne has to offer!

We do all the hard work

We have already checked out hundreds of Melbourne's function rooms and party venues so we have taken all the guess work and leg work out of finding the best party venues Melbourne has to offer! The tailored list of wedding venues in Melbourne you will receive includes:

  • Party venue photos
  • Links to venue websites
  • Minimum spends room hire fees (most of our venues have $0 room hire!)
  • The venue contact details and much more!

All sizes, any budget

We have wedding party venues for small, medium and large parties so no matter what the size or budget, Partyhelp have the party venues to match your wedding party details!

There is no obligation to book a Partyhelp party venue – and the Partyhelp service is FREE to you! So if you want to receive a tailored list of party venues like over 50,000 people in Melbourne already have, please leave your party details now!

Customer stories

What people say about us

I am extremely impressed with your prompt reply and the no. of venues you suggested!

Kim H

I just wanted to say that your service is fantastic and such a big help! I found your summary of venue information to be clear, concise and easy to read, which is very important!

James W

Hi Partyhelp, we only just made a decision today and went with a venue in South Yarra. Your service was great and so were the places we visited. The decision came down to amount of people and catering, we thought platters were better than a per head cost. Thanks.

Sharon M

Thanks for all the recommendations Partyhelp. I was overwhelmed by how many locations there were out there.

Selina B

Hi, I found your service to be excellent. Venues contacted me quite soon after the application was submitted and there was such a wide variety. I was very impressed, and will definitely utilise the service should i have another function to organise. Cheers,”

Lauren C

Hi, my booking was made upon advice and recommendation of Partyhelp. Your service and assistance has been greatly appreciated and honestly I am not convinced I would have found a venue without some prompting and the of ideas you provided. Thank you for your help! Kind regards,

Stacey G

Hi Steve, I was very impressed with the prompt and detailed response I got from your service as well as the professional approach the venues gave me. Anyhoo thanks so much for your help .. i will definitely be referring you to my friends as this year i think there are about 20 21st approaching so i will definitely recommend they visit you guys!! Thanks so much again

Alana M

Hi Holly, Steve and Everyone Else @ Party Help, Thanks for all your help over the last few months and providing me with some very cool ideas to hold my 21st. I have passed on all the details you’ve given me to friends who have birthdays coming up so hopefully you’ll get some more business. I really have appreciated all your help and the fabulous suggestions.

Thanks so much and next time I have a function to plan, I definitely know who I am coming to first! Regards,

Rachael H

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