party musicPlanning music for your function is important when considering what kind of atmosphere you want to provide for your guests. There are a number of choices that will depend on your budget and of course the venue’s facilities.  Function venues are generally set up to accommodate live DJ’s or for you to provide your own source of music through IPOD or CD’s.  Many venues have Dj’s who they can hire on your behalf and the advantage of this is that they will know the equipment and the space.  If you are set on having a live band, this will limit your choice of venue but will definitely create a lot of atmosphere. Continue reading


drinks packageWhen you approach venues for the first time, it can be confusing to figure out the different packages available and various bar requirements unique to each venue.

You will often come across bar packages and sometimes you will come across the system of drinks on consumption or minimum bar spend requirements. To give you a better understanding of what these systems are I’ve outlined how they work and the pros and cons of each system. By understanding how they work and asking yourself a few simple questions, you can decide on the right choice for your function. Continue reading


function roomsThe important thing to consider when booking a venue is the different styles of function venues available for events.  Some venues can exist exclusively for private functions, which means they are designed to deliver good quality food and beverage packages. They will most likely have a good P.A system, DJ equipment and a screen for presentations.  An exclusive function room will have a private entrance and private toilets Continue reading


home partyThe other day, a friend came to me for some advice on how to organize her brother’s birthday party.   A few years back she had attended my own mothers 60th birthday, which I had organized as a gift to my mother. It was a great party that was successful in the eyes of the guests and the guest of honour. Although pulling this party together was stressful, I was determined to have it at home in my backyard to save money.  This posed many challenges for me (the organizer) but there were definite benefits as well.   Offering my friend this advice got me thinking about the benefits and challenges of home parties vs. venue parties Continue reading