Eva M – 40th


Hello Chris
Thank you so much! I was so impressed with the immediate response that was provided by yourself and all of the venues. I’ve been looking into all options and I have been out and checked out a couple of them. I made a decision to go with one of your venues in Melbourne CBD. Thanks again, I really appreciate the assistance.

Initial Enquiry

Eva made this enquiry on 23 May for her husband’s 40th birthday party. The main areas they were interested in were the Melbourne CBD, Docklands, South Melbourne and Brunswick and they were after somewhere where they could stay past midnight. They were also thinking of possibly making it a 70’s themed party. In terms of drinks they were hoping to do a tab of just beer/wine/soft drink. Bar tabs are very common for functions so it was very easy to organise one for Eva and she also had the ability to add to the bar tab throughout the night if it was required.

Venue Recommendations

Partyhelp was able to send out a list of suitable 40th birthday party venues. Photos of some of the venues we recommended are shown below:

Melbourne CBD Function Room

Melbourne CBD Function Room
Melbourne CBD Party VenueBrunswick Function Room

Venue Booked

Party Venue Melbourne CBD

Melbourne CBD Function Room