About Partyhelp

Partyhelp have over 200 party venues in Melbourne. All you have to do is leave your party details on our website – and we will email you a tailored list of the party venues that best match your party requirements within a few hours! It’s that simple and its a free service!

There are thousands of Melbourne venues – we have already checked out hundreds of these venues so we have taken all the guess work and leg work out of finding the best party venues Melbourne has to offer! The tailored list of party venues in Melbourne you will receive includes:

  • party venue photos
  • links to venue websites
  • minimum spends
  • room hire fees (most of our party venues have $0 room hire!)
  • the venue contact details and much more!

We have 21st birthday party venues, 30th birthday party venues, Christmas party function venues, engagement party venues, wedding reception venues, corporate function venues – venues in Melbourne to suit any party occasion!

We have party venues for small, medium and large parties so no matter what the occasion or size, Partyhelp have the party venues to match your party details!

There is no obligation to book a Partyhelp party venue – and the Partyhelp service is FREE to you! So if you want to receive a tailored list of party venues like over 42,000 people in Melbourne already have, please leave your party details now!

If you would like more information you can contact us on [email protected] or phone 03 9005 0015 or more information is available here: