3 Party Entertainment Ideas to Make Your Function Memorable

A party isn’t complete without some entertainment. Relying on small talk among your guests can quickly lead to a snooze of a party and as the conversation dries up, those who aren’t interested in dancing dwindle off. After all, without something to do, it all boils down to a bunch of people sitting together in the same room. Fortunately, there are tons of party entertainment ideas that make sure your event is a roar and not a snore whatever the occasion you’re celebrating. Explore the possibilities below to start planning your special day!

Function Rooms are Best for Guests

Booking in a function room for your party really opens up the possibility for more activities and entertainment than throwing a party at a house. Hiring a party venue gives you a higher guest capacity and dedicated space to give everyone room to have fun. Noise complaints are also not a worry compared to a house party being held in the middle of a residential area. The list of benefits goes on, but the point is that hiring a dedicated function space is the way to go if you have a decent amount of party guests to entertain.

Have Your Guests Entertain Each Other with Karaoke

Nothing brings people together like a sing-along. Karaoke is a perfect, socially sanctioned excuse for people to show off a bit and increases their sense of adventure. It gets everyone involved and connected through music in a way that passive listening doesn’t.

Hiring a function room can give you the space and better acoustics for a larger karaoke crowd. While some party venues may have the equipment in-house, you can rent a karaoke machine online for a lot less than hiring a DJ. Most karaoke machines are simple to set up, but it’s a good idea to make sure everything is working and set up correctly before the event, making sure no technical glitches keep the night’s entertainment from getting off the ground. And most hire places can also provide an MC to host your karaoke function.

The key to success with karaoke is music choice. You might love that niche genre from your teenage years, but you’ll get far more participation if you select songs that everyone knows and are of the broadest appeal to your guest-list. Most karaoke machines include a nice mix of the latest pop hits as well as classic songs from decades past.

By turning your guests into performers, you create a wonderful group bonding experience and the kind of fond memories made from giving people the perfect opportunity to have fun working a crowd.

Set up a Party Selfie Photo Booth

What makes a party memorable? When your guests capture and share those memories with selfies and photos of course! Setting up a selfie photo booth is a fun way to encourage group party photos and sharing the memories with friends and family. Consider converting a corner of your function room into a cute space where friends and family can hit funny poses, play with props, and have some fun in front of the camera. This is a great opportunity to build a fun monument to the occasion or theme that gets everyone to share in the moment.

You can rent a whole photo booth setup or you can simply provide a few instant print cameras and a book for people to stick them in. It all depends on what kind of experience you wish to create. You could provide seating or use life-size posters with the head cut out for guests to stand behind. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

In the current age of smartphones with high quality, built-in cameras and most of us being on social media, creating one or more places for everyone contribute photos is a great way to make those captured moments accessible to everyone.. Ideally, you would create a photo gallery for an event that you can invite or share with your party guests and they can contribute their own photos to as well.

Entertain Guests with Party Games

Try incorporating things that most of us remember from childhood. For instance, trivia games, sand art or spin art, caricatures, or giant versions of classic games we all know, like Jenga and Connect Four. There are plenty of entertainment and party hire companies you can find online that deliver locally that can supply whatever you need for the experience or to enhance the theme.

Keep your guests in mind and think about which games and activities they’d enjoy most, considering age, interests and the location of your event. If your function room is big enough, then consider having multiple games or activities going simultaneously to give more people something fun to do at a time.

Plan for Success!

Organising a party can be fun and creative, but planning is important to have it all come together for a truly memorable event. Entertainment and games need to be age appropriate of course. Also, think about the relationships you have with each of your guests and their relationships with each other. It’s best to aim for broad and inclusive appeal.

You will also want to keep your budget and party venue in mind when choosing entertainment. With some planning ahead, your event will be the talk of your friends and social media.